Decent Man, the beginning

The word Decent comes from the 16th century Latin verb Decere, meaning 'to be fitting or suitable'. In the late 18th century Decent also came to mean 'kind or pleasant'. By the 1900’s the term 'are you Decent?' was backstage theatre jargon for 'are you dressed?'. In modern times ‘he is a Decent Man’ is the ultimate compliment one man can bestow on another man.

Therefore Decent has come to mean many positive things. A scan of various modern dictionary definitions results in a long list of connected definitions, including :

  • Polite, moral & honest.
  • Showing kindness, thoughtfulness & generosity.
  • Conforming to good standards of propriety & integrity.
  • Being well dressed & having good taste.

Decent Man is a description that has become beloved by politicians’ speech writers, with the result that in recent times Vladimir Putin has called Barack Obama “a Decent Man”, Ian Duncan Smith has called Donald Trump “ a very Decent Man “, with Hilary Benn saying about Jeremy Corbyn “ he’s a decent Man”.

In eulogies Decent Man are words so very often used to remember in fond farewell, including, Gregory Peck (actor - died 2003) 'the most Decent Man in Hollywood', James Hunt (motor racing driver & playboy - died 2013) ' was a friend and Decent Man', Charles Kennedy (Scottish politician - died 2015) 'a principled, Decent Man'.

Also in fiction ( A Kind & Decent Man – novel by Mary Brendan ), songs ( The Decent Man – song by Valerian Swing ), film ( A Decent Man – French film ) and even rock bands ( Decent Man – Swedish rock band ) recognise the term for its immense power of meaning.

On dating websites it is not unusual for a lady to seek 'a Decent Man' or a man to include 'a Decent Man' in his description of himself.

With we are aiming to reach out to, and connect with the Decent Man that is in all of us. For the man discerning of thought and dress, the man of good breeding and impeccable manners who prefers the more cultural things in life we have created

In the coming months and years please expect informed opinion on all aspects of life, with style and considered, intellectual comment being a byword. We will also have reviews and articles about the finer things in life, great restaurants, theatre, opera, country pursuits and art to name but a few. In our shop we aim to offer the very best of men’s accessories. Remember, for a gentleman the detail matters greatly. Therefore the hats, by Christys’ of London are handmade in England, our ties and scarves, by Hemley, are handmade by a second generation family business in Krefeld, Germany, one of the original silk centres in Europe. Our cufflinks are by well known cufflink maker, Simon Carter, and we also have beautiful handmade pewter cufflinks from France, made by William Sturt. Over the next few months we will add many more great names to our list of men’s accessories.

As much as possible we will indulge my personal love of Irish handcrafted items in our shop.

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